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Government Corruption and Treason Under Bush


Exposing Bush Administration Corruption  

By Steve Lendman,

Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinal

June 11, 2008


People should demand accountability—who profits and who pays, and they need to address the consequences of militarism gone mad.  nformation for this article comes from long-time business, finance and political writer and analyst Bob Chapman, who publishes the bi-weekly International Forecaster. It's power-packed with key information and a valued source for this writer, who obtained voluminous material directly from this publication. People need to know it. Read on.


SueAnn Arrigo is the source. She was a high-level CIA insider. Her title was Special Operations Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). She also established the Remote Viewing Defense protocols for the Pentagon in her capacity as Remote Viewing Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). Her work earned her a two-star general rank in the military. She called her new ranking a "ploy" so the Pentagon could get more of her time and have her attend monthly Joint Chiefs of Staff meetings. Only high-level types are invited, and she was there from October 2003 to July 2004. FULL ARTICLE =>


LC Editor’s Comment:  This article provides necessary background for new LC readers on Dr. SueAnn Arrigo, M.D. and Cases 1 through 4 of her Special Report, Government Corruption and Treason.  In early June, LIBERTY CALLING contacted Dr. Arrigo and volunteered to publish her articles on the LC web site.  On May 29, LC began publishing her articles, case by case, on this site. Twenty-six specific cases are discussed in the full report.  To access Dr. Arrigo’s full Special Report click here.


Colonel John Mosby

The Mosby Raiders: Photographs

John Mosby and George Patton

Col. John Mosby and the Southern Code of Honor


Nuclear Generated Electrical Power: Vital Energy Industry in Resurgence

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: United States  

Maps of Nuclear Power Reactors: World Map 

Cheney Pursuing Potentially Lucrative Nuclear Ambitions of his Own     Flashback one month

How Do Nuclear Plants Work?   Iran is building a plant like this and is making uranium U-235 fuel for it.

Why Nuclear Power – Comparisons of Various Energy Sources - 2005 

Nuclear Power Education: Comparison of Energy Sources  

Expanding Nuclear Power in the United States, Public Policy Paper,  Circa 2004 

Power Shift? Nuclear Industry Sees Resurgence – MSNBC,  2005 

Nuclear Power - Wikipedia  Comprehensive.     


Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941 – The ‘Old’ Pearl Harbor

FDR Pearl Harbor Conspiracy - VIDEO          Excellent

December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning

Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?

‘Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor’ by Robert Stinnett --- Book Review

Fake Terror -- the Road to War and Dictatorship: Creating the Enemies you Need

September Song: A Review of ‘The New Pearl Harbor’

Twin Tower Deception and Demolition – Part I -- VIDEO     Finally, a rational explanation!

Twin Tower Deception and Demolition – Part II -- VIDEO     More!


Abiotic Oil: It’s Not a Gasoline Additive and it Certainly is Not About Dinosaurs

Russia is Far from Oil’s Peak

Abiogenic Petroleum Origin

Understanding the Energy Problem…So We Can Solve It


Stalin and Abiotic Oil


Twin Towers’ Disintegration on 9/11: An ‘A Through Z’ Engineering Model

Chris Brown Video: ‘Twin Tower Deception and Demolition’ --- See it now! Here are the links: Part I, Part II.   On Google Video – It’s HOT!  Make sure you view both parts and in their proper order, Part 1 and then Part 2.  Here’s Chris Brown’s website:  Click here    See a condensed version of Chris Brown’s research and listen to three hours of radio interviews of Chris Brown by Finton Dunn by going to the BreakforNews.com website.  Here is the link to the section in Chris’s website that describes how the perpetrators apparently caused to World Trade Center Twin Towers to undergo progressive disintegration on 9/11.  Readers and listeners to the LCB show may email Chris at argus1@earthlink.net  


Chris Brown’s Demolition Model for the Twin Towers – Why this Model?

What makes Chris Brown’s model unique and powerful?  On a moment-by-moment basis the model accounts for the appearance of each and every major piece of physical evidence as each tower undergoes explosive disintegration, its band of disintegrated material falling to earth at free-fall speed.  Full Article=>


Who is Chris Brown?

Chris is a welder, land surveyor, blasting team member and heavy construction equipment operator as well as a filmmaker and videographer.  Full Article=>


In Search of the 1990 PBS Video on the Towers 

The video was produced by PBS during the period 1987-1990 and was shown as a PBS 2-Hour Special telecast in 1990. Why is a copy of it needed now?


Chris Brown viewed this video in 1990.  It provides the documentation needed to prove that (1) the preliminary design of the Twin Towers called for a core region consisting of massive steel box columns approximately 1,100 long, (2) this design was rejected by Manoru Yamaski, the architect of record on this project, because of its inadequate stiffness, and (3) it was replaced in the final design by a rigid core consisting of poured concrete and steel reinforcing bars, the concrete suitably channeled, of course to proved room for hallways, storage areas and elevator guide rails.  Full Article=>



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