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Previous News and Commentary – April 2008


April 27


Machine Gun-Toting Officers To Patrol NYC Subway


M4 Carbine Rifles, MP5 Submachine Guns & Bomb Sniffing Dogs Part Of New "Torch Team" Anti-Terror Efforts


It's a first for mass transit in the United States. NYPD officers, armed with rifles, submachine guns, body armor and bomb-sniffing dogs will begin patrolling the city's subway system thanks to a 50 percent increase in a homeland security grant.  FULL ARTICLE=>


LC Editor's Comment:  It may be a first for mass transit in the U.S., but it certainly will not be the last.


When will the American sheeple finally get it that the police state is already here?  Indeed incidents of government oppression of freedom, suppression of speech, and brutal treatment of otherwise innocient citizens who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time by some law enforcement officers is becoming commonplace in U.S. 


There are plenty of other indications that the police state is here already.  For example, police-manned outdoor surveillance cameras are everywhere and thousands more are added daily in American cities, towns and villiages.  Our phones are tapped, our bank accounts are monitored and our Internet communications are surveyed by authorities, these actions taken by Homeland Security, the FBI and the police supposedly to protect us from from the big, bad terrorists, who have turned out to be absent players in the costly mulit-billion charade we should have the title “catch terrorists before they pull another 9/11”, which is funded by the American taxpayers. 


Potential terrorists caught through the snooping effors of the authorities would presumably end up in the prison camps currently under construction Brown & Root, which was awarded a several hundred million dollar contract by Home Security a couple of year ago for this task.


My question to LC readers is this: Haven’t Americas had enough of the ever growing, rapacious police state under which they live now and which is consuming not only their spirit but also their financial resources?   Isn’t it time for still slumbering Americans to wake up and smell the rotten stench of our financially crippled, decaying republic as the corrupt, traitorous cabal that has taken over Washington transforms the land of the free and the home of the brave day by day into a wretchedly barbaric, totalitarian, fascist state. It’s time to take our republic back. 


What will be needed for starters if we are to take our republic back from the cabal is the mass voting out of all incumbents at the polls in November.  This task must also include rejecting the candidates now considered by the Republican and Democrat king makers as viable candidates for residence in the White House, and their replacement (with the exception of Ron Paul and a few other members of Congress loyal to constitutional principles) with elected officials who have track records of honesty and dedication to constitutional principles.  It will also require that Americans dedicated to taking the republic back from the the traitorous thieves who stole it become involved in local government, perhaps actually running for office.


Must Americans wait for the U.S. to become the largest, most corrupt, bankrupt, degenerate banana republic in the western hemisphere before they at last stand together arm in arm and shout "No more! No more! No more!” and really mean it?  Or would now be a better time for them to move into action?


Supreme Court Broadens Police Power in Searches

The War on Terror Feeding Frenzy

CIA Admits It will Continue Rendition Program, Which Allows Torture Overseas  Torture is a crime.

Government 'Free Speech Zones' Blasted 

Prison Inmate Count in US Dwarfs Other Nations’

Common Glitch at Pump Adds to Gas Costs for Drivers

Illegal Market Modification-Intervention A Regular Occurrence

District of Columbia Police State: Surveillance Cameras up 50-Fold, to 5,300

Load up the Pantry Now


April 20

Dollar Losses Hit the Cosmos – Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster 

Behind TV’s Military News Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

Top Bush Aides Pushed for Guantánamo Torture  

Global Warming Rage Lets Global Hunger Grow 

Three States Subjected To "Martial Law Sweeps" 

300,000 US Troops from Iraq, Afghanistan Have Mental Problems, 320,000 Brain Injuries: Study  

Clinton Vows 'Massive' US Retaliation if Iran Attacks Israel   

Obama Would Do 'Everything' to Help Israel Defend Itself  

Setting the Propaganda Stage for an Attack on Iran – Paul Craig Roberts 

Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years 

China and America: The Tibet Human Rights PsyOp 

Fidozak: Anti-Depressant Drugs for Dogs 


April 16 – Special Wednesday, Mid-Week Edition

Crude Oil Price Hits New High as Investors Flee the Plummeting US Dollar

Gold Futures Rally 2% as Dollar Falls Sharply 

Iran Says it Will 'Eliminate' Israel if it is Attacked by that Nation 

      LC Editor’s Comment: A justifiable position both legally and morally on the part of Iran’s leaders.


US: Iranian Threats to 'Eliminate' Israel Justify Int'l Sanctions

      LC Editor’s Comment: This justification is based upon King George’s unpublished and ever changing Rules of Law, Economics and War, which are, in summary, these:


--King George, known officially as President George W. Bush, is always correct morally and legally, and all Americans should regard as traitors -- if not outright terrorists -- any and all persons who disagree with his thoughts or statements or actions or fail to believe in his infallibility. 


--The King may elect to with impunity obey or enforce U.S. or International Law or not to do so.  Should Congress fail to originate or pass legislation he wants to have available for his use, the King may create his own law through the issuance of Executive Orders or secret Presidential Directives or shall state that the Constitution has already provided him --- the President --- with the authority the new legislation would have provided had it been passed by the Congress and laid on his desk for his signature.


--According to the King, the U.S. Constitution has no more value or legal authority than the scribbles on any scrap of paper he might choose to crush into a ball and toss into a waste paper basket   The Constitution is to be regarded as having only sentimental or historical value. What King George says or writes is necessarily the law of the land, since his authority as a unitary president operating as the Commander in Chief trumps the authority of both the legislative and judicial branches of the federal government.


--King George may order the military forces of the U.S. attack and destroy any nation he regards to pose a military or economic threat to the US or its sister country, Israel, or which he believes may harbor persons who could be terrorists or whose leaders have fail or may fail to comply with his wishes.  


--King George has the authority to create law, though he may operate through Congress to provide credibility of his doing so if he needs to obtain widespread public acceptance of certain laws the people might otherwise resist the enforcement of on the grounds that these law violate the basic U.S. Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights and International Law.


--In order to obtain the moral support of the American people and Congress’ authorization for the budget he needs in order to wage all-out pre-emptive war against nations he wishes to conquer, King George and members of the administration may, without fear of repercussions, lie to both Congress and American people about the war making capabilities of these nations and assert that their leaders intend to attack either the U.S. or Israel at some time in future whether or not any independent, verifiable evidence exists to support these assertions.     


--According to the King’s Rules of War, if either the King or the Prime Minister of Israel orders a military attack upon any nation, these orders are necessarily justifiable on the basis of their interpretation of International Law even if the attacked nation has neither threatened to carry out nor actually executed unprovoked military operations against either the U.S. or Israel. 


--Furthermore, any nation attacked by either the U.S. or Israel that threatens to or actually defends itself against attack, or attacks either the U.S. or Israel in reprisal, shall be deemed a violator of International Law and the Charter of the United Nations and shall be subject to severe economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and Israel upon this nation. 


--The King’s Rules allow him to spend as much of the American people’s money he wishes in waging war.  Furthermore, the American people should regard any members of Congress who fail to support his budget requests in support of any and all of his wars as traitors and at the very least closet terrorists. 


Well, that sums up what appear to be the key features of King Georges Rules of Law, Economic and War, which, by the way, have never been set in stone and are subject to change at any time by King George -- A monarch may change his mind for any reason or for no reason at all at any time.


Isn’t it about time the American people had all members of the Bush administration along with all but a handful Congressmen and federal judges tarred and feathered and put on a fast train headed out of D.C.? 


But if not that, then the American people certainly need to vote out of office all incumbents up for election in November and vote in only those new candidates for office who are willing to denounce the shameful behavior of the Bush administration since its beginning as well as that of all but a handful of the members of Congress who have over the past seven-and-one-half years supported Mr. Bush’s shameful leadership, his willingness to support the use of torture, his lying and his detestable military and foreign policy making. 


The American people also need to reject out of hand the gruesome three-some set of candidates the political kingmakers have chosen to offer the voters: McCain, Obama and Clinton!


There is a far better choice still available to the voters.  That far better choice is still Rep. Ron Paul.  It’s time for us to create a miracle, my fellow Americans. We can do it. 


America needs a fresh start.  A complete housecleaning, a from-the-top-to-the-bottom removal from office and replacement of all the scoundrels, traitors and thieves, the politicians we elected to be our servants and which we have allowed to become our masters, with honest, duty-bound and freedom-loving men and women who love our republic and respect, obey and cherish the Constitution should be our order of the day.


---- Ron Larsen, Editor and Publisher



April 13  -  Sunday

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in US 

Bush Aware of Advisers' Interrogation Talks

King George and Iran's Inalienable Rights 

The Martial Law Act of 2006

Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction

Bear Stearns: Timeline to Demise   Flashback

Fed Acts to Rescue the Markets   Flashback

Bernanke Defends Bear Stearns Bailout   Flashback


April 12

The Liberty Calling web news and commentary journal will be published once each week as a weekly capule of significant news events and commentary on them, on Sunday, until the 24/7 schedule is resumed in October.  The Liberty Calling Beacon radio program will be broadcast live each Sunday from 5:05 – 5:59 PM CST until October, when the normal M-F schedule is resumed, and will have similar content.  Here is the link.


April 8

Euro Rises on Speculation Interest-Rate Advantage Will Widen 

Secret US Plan for Military Future in Iraq

Gasoline Prices Advance Further Into Record Territory, Driven by Oil and Supply Concerns

Iranian President Urges OPEC to Form Joint Bank, Stop Pricing Oil Trades in US Dollars

Permissible Assaults on Detainees Described in 2003 Memo by Justice Dept. Lawyer John Yoo

McCain and Petraeus Remain Gung Ho

The Case of Rick Stanley Jailed for 6 Years and the IRS  Includes VIDEO.

Internet Providers Quietly Test Expanded Tracking of Web Use to Target Advertising

An Interview with Phil Donahue, Co-Director of the Film “Body of War”

Bush Biographers Mixed on Script for Oliver Stone's 'W'


April 7

Oil Rises, Gasoline Surges to a Record, as Commodities Rally  

Rice Run Prompts Curbs to Rival Credit Market Seizure

Charlton Heston Goes to the Grave, Leaving with Us Some of Sci-Fi’s Best Lines  Includes VIDEO/

Solar Stocks Take Off in Anticipation Congress will Extend Key Tax Subsidies this Week

Earnings Serve as Key Test of Recession  We are in a recession already.  When will this fact hit home?

Eurpean Unition Seeks Tighter Bank Controls, G-7 Cooperation to Fight Credit Crisis

US Retailers Hand Out Pink Slips to Sales Associates as Shoppers Quit Buying

Group of Seven (G-7) Discusses This Week a Range of Drastic Solutions for Banking Crisis

Banking Looking for a New Business Model: This One Isn’t Working

Political Radar: Condoleeza is Actively Pursuing the Veep Spot on the Republican Ticket

Congressman Brought Formal Charges of Criminality Against the Federal Reserve in 1933

Fact or Fiction? Car Manufacturers Can Really Produce a 100-MPG Vehicle

April 6

Johnson & Johnson Hid Safety Risk Data on Birth-Control Device Claim by Women

Standoff with Authorities Emerges at Morman Polygamist Sect’s Retreat in Texas 

Authorities Prepare for Worst in Efforts to Enter Eldorado, Texas Area Temple

'We Can't Support a McCain-Romney Ticket," Coalition SaysLink to standoff? Romney is a Mormon.

Thandie Newton, Ioan Gruffudd Cast in 'W', the MovieTrying to show an 8-year disaster as success?

Ruthlessness Gene Discovered: Dictatorial Behavior may be Partly Genetic, Study Reports 

Why Doesn't the 9/11 Commission Know about Mukasey's 9/11 Story? -- Glenn Greenwald, April 3

Michael Mukasey's Tearful Lies About 9/11 – Glenn Greenwald, March 29

Pentagon: Colleges Must Hand Over Names and Data on All Students to Military Recruiters

Pentagon Overspent Budget by $295 Billion --- NOT Million!

Weep, Anchorage – Buzzwinkle is No More


April 5

General Patraeus Beating War Drum for US Strike on Iran: British Officials

Fallout of US Invasion: UN Warns of Very Grave Humanitarian Problems in Iraq

NeoCon Doug Feith: We Invaded Iraq because we were Afraid they'd Attack Us  Horse feathers!

ACLU Taps Top Legal Talent to Defend Alleged Terrorists Facing Trial at Gitmo

Pentagon Limits What Journalists may Report, as Guantanamo Trials Near 

Diego Garcia: The Other Guantánamo

Bush 'Ordered War Crimes': Constitutional Lawyer Jonathan Turley 

Government Brandishes its Sword Again: Standoff in Wisconsin over Unpaid Taxes

New Device Disables Vehicle if Monthly Loan Payment for it is Late – Includes VIDEO

Sex and Financial Risk Linked in Brain


April 4

Fed Signals More Rate Cuts as Officials Cite Market Stresses  

US Probably Lost Jobs for Third Month as Economy Weakened

Bear Stearns Says Traders' False Rumours Took Bank to the Brink

Ex-UBS CEO Pushes for Bank's Break-Up

Dollar Falls Against Euro; Report May Show Payrolls Declined

81 Percent of Americans Think Country on "Wrong Track"  Main concern is the faltering economy.

New Study Shows that Lawmakers Have as Much as $196 M Invested in Defense Companies

MI5-Led Terror Patsies Back In The Headlines

Tornado Sweeps Through Little Rock, Arkansas 

Arkansas Flooding Drowns Wheat Fields, Threatening to Raise Damage Estimates  March 28

Texas Crop Report: April 2, 2008

Corn Prices Jump to Record $6 a Bushel, Driving Up Costs for Food, Alternative Energy

States May Free Inmates to Save Millions of Dollars in Operating Costs as the Economy Slumps

US Troops in Iraq Pay Twice What Iraqis Do for Gas

Bush Officials Mount Campaign Against Media Shield Bill, Say It Could Harm National Security

Whistleblowing FAA Inspectors Say Jobs Threatened for Reporting Southwest Airlines Problems


April 3

Capital Markets Still ‘Impaired’, Need Defense: NY Fed Bank President

Stocks Down, Commodities Up on Higher Jobless Claims and Loan Delinquencies

Euro Falls Against Dollar, Yen on Surprise Retail Sales Decline

Paul Lectures Bernanke: U.S. Moving Towards Fascism

Rice Jumps to Record, Corn Near High as Demand Outpaces Supply

Food Crisis Being Felt Around World

Commentary: Bernanke Should Say the 'R' Word   And prepare to use the ‘D’ word.

Judge Blocks Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Deposition Over FBI Files Controversy 

Oink, Oink! Defense Pork Goes to Golf, UFOs

Secret Memo John Joo You that Justified Warrantless Domestic Surveillance Comes to Light

Bush Advisor Attorney John Yoo Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children  Jan 8, 2006

In 1997 Cheney Opposed Congress’ Ratification of Treaty Banning Chemical Weapons

Ted Olson's Report of Phone Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11: Three Official Denials

Pentagon Papers Leaker Daniel Ellsberg Calls Iraq invasion 'Supreme War Crime'

A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg: Restoring the Constitution

How the US Military-Industrial Complex Seeks to Contain and Control Earth and Its Eco-System

Tooth Regeneration May Replace Drill-and-Fill

Botox May Move From Face to Brain, Study in Rats


April 2

Skyrocketing Diesel Prices Cause Truckers to Protest Loudly, Clog NJ Pike

IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast Based on Worst Crisis Since the Great Depression of the1930s

Laws Prohibiting Maiming Inapplicable to Military Interrogation of al-Qaeda: 2003 Justice Memo

Secret Intelligence Centers Run by the States Tap into Personal Information on Americans

The Military Now Using FBI to Spy on Americans: Documents Obtained by ACLU in Law Suit

Bush's Wartime Authority Trumps international Ban on Torture: 2003 Justice Dept. Memo

Genneral Petraeus and a High-Level Suicide in Iraq

States’ ‘Fusion Centers’ Buy, Mine Personal Data, Including Names of Relative and Associates

Top Bush Administration Officials Pressured Underlings to use Torture Tactics at Guantanamo

A Submarine to Fight al-Qaida’s Navy – Robert Sheer

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-1945 – Milton Mayer

We have Created Human-Animal Embryos Already, say British Team

On Money, Inflation and Government – Rep. Ron Paul

Delusional Bush Dances Toward War – Ray McGovern

The Abandonment of the Rule of Law  -- Jacob G. Hornberger


April 1

Gold Hits 2-Month Low Below $900/oz on Dollar Rise   At 9:30A CST, Gold $882.70,  Silver $16.47.

Analysts Predict Corn Rationing in 2008     For producers. For consumers, shortages & higher prices.

Attorney Gerneral Mukasey Admits Government Knew Of Call About 9/11, Before 9/11    New

Doomsday Fears Spark Lawsuit Over Hadron Collider Research  Serious article.  No tin-foil hat topic!

UBS Says Ospel Resigns After $19 Billion Writedowns

Stocks in Europe, Asia Rise, Led by UBS; US Futures Advance

Deutsche Bank to Write Down Record 2.5 Billion Euros

Dell to Close Austin Plant, Cutting More than 800 Jobs

US Retail Gasoline Price at Record $3.29/Gal

Some Truckers Plan Strike Over Diesel Costs

Military Report: Secretly 'Recruit or Hire Bloggers' 

USA 2008: The Great Depression

Doctors Support Universal Health Care: Survey

Civilians Handle Minor Duties for Strapped Police

Pentagon Staffer Guilty of Handing Secrets to China Agent 

I-Team: Feds Investigate Infomercial King Kevin Trudeau 



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